Terms of Hire


In order to comply with the Indoors Entertainment Licence, ALL music and dancing MUST CEASE at 11:00 pm. 

  1. All hire charges and deposits Must be paid in full at least 14 days IN ADVANCE.  No booking is confirmed until payment made in full. Damage deposits are refundable, but may be withheld in instances of non-compliance to conditions of hire & charging policy.  A 50% deposit of the total booking cost is required to confirm bookings.
  2. Hirers must leave the premises clean and tidy and all equipment and furniture stored away or placed tidily as required.  All rubbish must be removed by the hirer from the premises.  The hirer is liable for the costs of any additional cleaning should this be necessary together with any damage or breakage which may occur during the hire period. If damage exceeds the damage deposit amount, the hirer will be required to pay the excess.
  3. PLEASE DO NOT FIX DECORATIONS TO WALLS OR PAINTWORK.  Costs of any damage to plaster, paint or woodwork will be deducted from your deposit.
  4. Fire exits must not be obstructed in any manner at all.
  5. Hirers must not cause annoyance or nuisance to local residents or adjoining occupiers by the playing of loud music, or parking in front of driveways etc.
  6. The hirer will indemnify the CCA against any loss, damage, claim or expense howsoever arising, caused or occasioned during the hirer’s use of the premises.
  7. The hirer shall not sublet or transfer this booking to any other person or organisation.
  8. The premises shall be used for community purposes only, and shall not be used as the hirer’s postal address.
  9. No alterations or additions shall be made to the premises without the consent of the CCA and such work shall be completed at the hirer’s cost and to the CCA’s satisfaction.
  10. In cases of block bookings, the user must not leave belongings or equipment on the premises without written consent of the CCA and any items left in the building with the CCA’s approval are left at the owner’s risk.
  11. Any belongings left without prior agreement from the CCA will be treated as abandoned and may be disposed of by the CCA.  Items left in the fridge/freezer will be disposed of by the CCA.
  12. Users must not use unallocated storage, or overfill allocated spaces. Hall ways must be kept clear at all times.
  13. For events covered  by the Entertainments Licence, the numbers must not exceed those stipulated by the CCA.
  14. NO ADVERTISING OR PUBLICITY MATERIAL WILL BE DISPLAYED inside or outside the building without prior approval of the CCA.
  15. The hirers shall ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, orders and regulations and in particular that relating to music, dancing, singing and the supply and selling of alcohol.  All Liquor Licences must be displayed at all times during the event.  Failure to do so will result in the event being cancelled.
  16. No betting, gaming or lotteries shall take place on the premises except that allowed by law, the hirer shall obtain any licenses or certificate required prior to booking the premises for such use.
  17. The hirer shall have the use of the premises during the hours stated on the hire form and MUST vacate the premises promptly at, or before the end of the hiring period stated.  Cleaning and tidying up must be carried out DURING THE HIRE PERIOD.  Users will be liable for the deposits for non-compliance of this clause or any other relevant clause.
  18. It shall be the responsibility of the hirer to effect adequate Public Liability Insurance  to cover risks arising out of the use of the premises by the group/organisation and its or the hirer’s investees and visitors including CRB checks.
  19. With the exception of guide dogs, NO ANIMALS will be allowed on the premises.
  20. Approval for use of the CCA premises by political parties shall be determined by the nature of the occasion.
  21. Public meetings such as rallies/demonstrations will NOT be permitted.
  22. The CCA reserves the right to cancel the hiring if the hirer breaches any of the above conditions.
  23. The CCA reserves the right to cancel any booking at its discretion and to change or amend the terms and conditions of hire at any time without prior notice.
  24. The CCA reserves the right to close the premises at any time for emergency or periodic maintenance and also when the premises are required for public elections or similar event.



The CCA reserves the right to withhold ALL OR PART of any deposit for non-compliance of any of the above conditions.

Download Terms of Hire here

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