J. COWELLThe Chair of the organisation, Mrs Joy Cowell and Board of Directors and General Management Committee have worked tirelessly to develop and improve our facilities and introduce new activities and services that will benefit all sections of our community. Coming soon to Conniburrow will be opportunities for Football Coaching, Youth Baseball/Softball. Updates will be provided pertaining to the developments  as  it becomes available. We have achieved our 3 year objective to  provide a community centre and develop facilities that will enable all sections of our community to engage in a variety of activities, including: sport, education and religion. We actively promote social cohesion, whilst respecting and supporting the cultural traditions of all our clientele.

 Tel: 01908 670 937

General Enquiries: ccaoffice@conniburrow.org.uk

Make a booking: bookings@conniburrow.org.uk

The facilities are solely the responsibility of Conniburrow Community Association, an independent charity and company limited by guarantee. All decisions are made by its management committee, who have acquired a long term lease (35 years) of the complex, since January 2006.  There is no umbrella organisation. All bookings and enquiries regarding use of our playing field for football, baseball/softball or use of the community centre must be made directly to the association via telephone or preferably email. For further information, please contact the CCA office.

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About CCA

FACILITIES FOR HIRE Conniburrow Community Association (CCA) is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee based in Conniburrow, Milton Keynes.
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Wedding Receptions/Parties

This is a great venue! Why not book your wedding reception and parties, or other event here! Marvia's wedding reception. Just a taste of what you can achieve in our clean and spacious Centre.
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CCA YOUTH FOOTBALL Club CONNIBURROW UNITED (THE HARES) "Youth with Purpose" Coaching started, thanks to funding from MK COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, Saturday 25th April 2015. September 2015 we joined MKDDL. We enlisted 4 teams in MKDDL2015/16. Want to join our club? Call 01908 670937 to join!
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Sports for YOU!

We value our youth! Brand new pitches, a multi-sport facility offered by Conniburrow Community Association - exciting times ahead! With a grade 1 baseball pitch, the CCA are planning to offer coaching for Youth. Join Conniburrow Youth Football today!
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ACHIEVEMENT CCA Skills Training Programme

CCA ACHIEVEMENT! helping to improve employability prospects of residents. Courses took place January- March 2015. See Conniburrow Newsletter and or events page for more highlights.
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CCA Annual Luncheon

Our older people are important to us. The CCA prides itself in taking care of the older people in our community. Every year we plan and organise summer trips with and for them including their Annual Luncheon and other activities...
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People Matters

Conniburrow Community Centre Bookings

Conniburrow Community Centre and Sports Pavilion. Halls for hire, baseball and football pitches for hire plus much more. Contact us via email or phone.